the warren zone
hi there! my name is warren
if you couldn't already tell by everything on this site x)
heres a few quick facts about yours truly!
has existed since 06/06/2002 (19 yrs)
white & lives in the united states
cs student in college
artist and writer
gemini and proud

shopping addiction

i love many many things, and in the future i hope to have separate pages for some of my big interests!
in the meantime, i'll just list a couple of things i super mega love:

* shin megami tensei

i love shin megami tensei so much! my favorite game is smtiv and smtiv apocalypse, and my favorite characters are heat, walter, and nanashi. please talk to me about megaten! if you love megaten as much as i do, be my friend!

* neon genesis evangelion

i've been an evangelion fan for going on 10 years, and it's definitely one of my favorite shows! my favorite characters are toji, hikari, and kensuke, and i consider myself the kentojikari expert! for as much as i love the show, i don't really care about anyone else in it besides those three. whoopsies!

* figure collecting

very weebish of me, huh? anyways, i specialize in garage kit building! i hope to get a page up to show off my kits, but this is a hobby i love to bits! here is my myfigurecollection page!

* vocal synth

i love vocal synth programs! currently, i only use vocaloid and utau, with the latter being my program of choice. my favorite vocal synths of all time are MEIKO and KAITO! they are married and in love

* fish keeping

i have a beautiful betta fish named sheffy! his full name is sheffield, but i always call him sheffy. i've had him since august 2021 and he is my baby boy! if you check out my twitter, i post pics pretty often.