the warren zone
1/18/22 - i'm updating my site during class, which means school started! i'm going to one of my classes on campus and it really makes me feel like a college student. it's so weird how im 20 this year. anyways, if youre reading this i hope your school/job/whatever goes good this year! i'm keeping my fingers crossed for 2022 to be a great year..!

1/20/22 - oh my god i have been craving bubble gum ice cream for like 2 months now. no store has it!! and no ice cream shop near me has it! so after class, i'm going to go to a baking store and buy some bubble gum flavoring to make my own. ive never made my own ice cream, but i really hope it goes well! now.. whether to color it pink or blue....... hmmm

1/24/22 - i made my bubblegum ice cream and it was sooooo good and worth it. i'm writing this during class and my boyfie is looking over my shoulder. omg hes seeing all my secrets!!! anyways, after class today were gonna go to a fish store and i'm so excited!!! i'm getting a new tank for sheffy, a 10 gallon tank, so i'm gonna buy some new substrate so i can have a fully planted tank. sheffy has no clue hes getting an upgrade!!!!. thank you all for 1000 site views... i'm so happy!!!

2/7/22 - i'm sorry for the radio silence, in case you're actually keeping up with my site >_< (doubtful). this past week has been really hard for me, my grandma died and she was the most important person in my life. it feels unfitting to call her my grandma, like the emotional impact of "my grandma died" doesn't fit what i'm feeling... she had legal guardianship over me, i lived with her my whole life, and she raised me. shes more like a mom. i dont want to get too upset on here because i'd like to keep happy memories here only, but i think one sad entry is okay. i flew back to my home town for the funeral and got some of my stuff from her house. i got her perfume, too, and i don't ever plan on using it. i'm so mad at myself for not talking to her more after i moved out, but theres no point in being angry. anyways, things are looking up, i think. my boyfriend's birthday is this month and im gonna make him an awesome cake! and i plan on adding my garage kit picture gallery to the site, so look forward to that. thank you for reading, and tell someone you love them today!